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Saturday, September 1, 2012

French Couture Vintage

Isn't that such a pretty word?

Yesterday I spent the day on a quest, a quest to find something
worth keeping, not just another thing, while I tromped up and down
the hills and valleys of Hillsville, Virginia, in sweltering heat all by myself,
at the yearly flea-market that is held on Labor Day Weekend.
A million people were doing the same thing. Well, I am sure they
were on some kind of quest, not necessarily like mine.

I found a wonderful pair of French pantaloons. One of the buttons is worn away
to the point it is noticeable. But that is OK

These are truly beautiful in the way they are styled and stitched;
to perfection.

Even though they ARE darned in a few places with matching linen thread
I will wear these, not as an undergarment but over a ballet leotard along
with a nice camisole top of black knitted fabric with some sort of
great jewelry.

There are even two monogrammed letters which are perfectly

There are two side plackets which button. The stitching is so perfect.

French seams the way they should be done.

Darts to make them fit about the waist without bulk in the front.

They tie in the back and the seat drops down I suppose as they
were intended.

Beautiful embroidery cutwork going down both sides of the legs which is also
executed with great perfection.

The seams are sewn by machine, which is probably a singer.
I read somewhere recently that the singer sewing machine
was the very most important invention to change the world.
It made it possible for cloth to be sewn into garments so quickly
that it is known as one of the great liberators of human beings.
I also think about the sweatshops where children worked sewing.
Everything has two sides.

These photographs are from  my cell phone, so they are what they are.

A vintage wooden spool of thread that is a mauve color which (the dye
stuff) is derived from Coal.

It was a wonderful day where I saw many interesting things and people.
Have a wonderful LABOR DAY!
Wish you were here!

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Sara Crittenden Coppedge said...

What a find! You really accomplished your goal. I can hardly wait to see pictures of you wearing them!


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