"One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes." -The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Monday, September 3, 2012

Just an EGG in someones else's nest

There are so many things that I notice when I drive through the country side and so many things I say without knowing the true meaning of what I say. I have contemplated being silent.
How do you shut it off?
I think about how much I like to see large black and white polka dots; not really polka dots but dotted areas of color, as in, a dairy cow, or a herd of geese. Or is that a gaggle? I notice that all of the cows are pointing in the very same direction. I try to use common sense to answer the questions which come from my overly sensitive vision. If I must, I Google for the answers. Once in a while, it is more interesting to contemplate many reasons why this may be so or that may be so. . .Fodder for yet another story, perhaps? Maybe, my answer is more interesting even if not true. Maybe, just entertaining?
Well, I talked to my little sis today and my new French Pantaloons came up in our conversation which sparked one of the curious moments that stop me cold. She asked if I really I planned to wear these out in public, I said of course, I will. I think they are wonderful. I might photograph them on myself and put that onto my blog, first, Droopy Drawers and all.

Droopy Drawers: these are the words. . .How many times have you said or thought that? Just what did you mean when you said or thought that? I always think of a baby in diapers. . .full diapers. But, what if the saying comes from an earlier time when pantaloons were the favored wear? They are made so that there is a lot of room in the back to drop them. This whole topic is making me laugh.

This is a story of a little part of the day in my life.

Do you know about cowbird?

Johnathan Harris: Cowbird This is a great thing to do.

What about your day?



Sara Crittenden Coppedge said...

That is what a cowbird does--lays it's egg in another bird's nest. Sometimes it throws out the poor bird egg that was there first. Sometimes it just leaves it's egg there for the other Mother to raise. That is right isn't it? Or do I have itconfused with some other bird.....Of course you will wear your pantaloons and I will wear my pink beaded hat. What a pair we would make!

Bobbie Casey said...

Yes it is that but it is much more. Click the link. You will see.
I am trying to spark interest. ha.
obviously it isn't working.
Ok we can wear these on the streets of Paris and sing and drink cafe ole:) i do know how to spell it right.
it is good to see you back. I have been waiting for September very patiently to see you around again.
xoxo Bobbie

Sara Crittenden Coppedge said...

I am always here! You can visit with me on my blog. I go there several times a week. Come and see me. We will have snacks!


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