"One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes." -The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Booking It

This Egg Does Not Know if it is or is it?

Bobbie Casey 2017 All Rights Reserved

The Book, those books, the books with little bookmarks or inscriptions, or notes in the margins, these/that fill my days with intellect and understanding, or trying to make sense of nonsense.
Google is my very best friend. Now, Siri believes she is Laurie Andersen? She wants to listen to me, no matter what I say. I would love to see the DATA which Amazon collects about my habits. I think they have no badges to give to my particular ways.
My 4th grade teacher sent a note to my Mom, it said, "Bobbie is a very intelligent child, (ha ha) but, she is consistently inconsistent." That is very hard to live up to, this idea that was plastered on my forehead. I must say, I am more interesting the days when I have no plan. What I think is that I follow wherever my heart leads. I think the word for that is tangents? But, I always lose my way. Back when I used to smoke I dropped cigarettes, no smoked cigarettes, like Hansel and Gretel did with breadcrumbs. I still couldn't find the right way home.
Mr. Moore who used to live near me, but he died, told me you can not ever go home. WHAT?
I sat on a fallen Oak tree, listening very carefully to him, that day? I am really a snail. He just couldn't see that through his gold rimmed glasses.
My library lives in many places. I feel sorrowful when I think of Alexandria and what the Nazi's did to books. Burning books and bra's will get you nowhere with me. I can think for myself, Thank you very much! I love the New York Times, especially the book reviews. I can turn things off and on like TV's, if I feel it is not worth time. But, Please President Trump, do not censor what I can or can not think because I might hear some fake news. I love tweets from the birds my honey feeds.
Elif Shafak is an author and a speaker from Turkey. She writes fiction which I enjoy reading. I have learned a lot about other cultures this way.
My hope for everyone is to live by the "Golden Rule," so that we can live in peace and respect for each and every person who crosses our path.

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