"One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes." -The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Now I Lay Me Down
 Bobbie Casey 2017 All Rights Reserved

When I was a child I would lay in my bed and worry that I might die. My mother taught us the prayer:
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord 
my soul to keep
If I should die
Before I wake
I pray the lord
my soul to take

I have no idea who wrote this. Just Google IT, you say? I will get lost in a tangent. . .Anyways, now I understand what this means. My mother has been in hospice care off and on for the past two years. She recovers both her mind and her strength, periodically. It is truly amazing. Where she is is allowing no visitors. period.
I feel sad, a lot. I have some issues of my own. It seems that I must believe that what happens is part of God's plan, whatever you call Him? The moment we are born we begin that process of dying, I have been told. I hope for my mom that whenever that may be, which no one knows, it be in her sleep peaceful and content of having lived a life worth living. I appreciate experiences more each day. Things just tether us down. It is the quality of being present in your life that is where the answer is simply. May the force be with you!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


http://channel.louisiana.dk/video/siri-hustvedt-person-apartA must watch after what crossed Elizabeth Warren last night reading King's letter.

Booking It

This Egg Does Not Know if it is or is it?

Bobbie Casey 2017 All Rights Reserved

The Book, those books, the books with little bookmarks or inscriptions, or notes in the margins, these/that fill my days with intellect and understanding, or trying to make sense of nonsense.
Google is my very best friend. Now, Siri believes she is Laurie Andersen? She wants to listen to me, no matter what I say. I would love to see the DATA which Amazon collects about my habits. I think they have no badges to give to my particular ways.
My 4th grade teacher sent a note to my Mom, it said, "Bobbie is a very intelligent child, (ha ha) but, she is consistently inconsistent." That is very hard to live up to, this idea that was plastered on my forehead. I must say, I am more interesting the days when I have no plan. What I think is that I follow wherever my heart leads. I think the word for that is tangents? But, I always lose my way. Back when I used to smoke I dropped cigarettes, no smoked cigarettes, like Hansel and Gretel did with breadcrumbs. I still couldn't find the right way home.
Mr. Moore who used to live near me, but he died, told me you can not ever go home. WHAT?
I sat on a fallen Oak tree, listening very carefully to him, that day? I am really a snail. He just couldn't see that through his gold rimmed glasses.
My library lives in many places. I feel sorrowful when I think of Alexandria and what the Nazi's did to books. Burning books and bra's will get you nowhere with me. I can think for myself, Thank you very much! I love the New York Times, especially the book reviews. I can turn things off and on like TV's, if I feel it is not worth time. But, Please President Trump, do not censor what I can or can not think because I might hear some fake news. I love tweets from the birds my honey feeds.
Elif Shafak is an author and a speaker from Turkey. She writes fiction which I enjoy reading. I have learned a lot about other cultures this way.
My hope for everyone is to live by the "Golden Rule," so that we can live in peace and respect for each and every person who crosses our path.

Bobbie Casey

Bobbie CaseyI like going in 3D circles. Spirals is what they really are, I think.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Energy Perception

Where Continents Collide

Bobbie Casey 2017 All Rights Reserved

Pausing to ponder the power in all we see, makes me considerably content to not be God, by whatever name you give the force, no matter how big or small you feel you are, this thought has an energy. I often think I could know absolutely, if only I were small enough, or large enough.
I think of faith. I believe what I perceive. I told someone a story, once. She claimed it as her own. I think it matters. If I share something what exactly does that mean? Share?
I saw a sea urchin, purple, I saw a starfish, it was not in the sky, I saw a pretty yellow sea shell, it was broken. I put these in my pocket to carry home. My acute sense of smell is what gave it away. I saw the look in those pretty blue eyes, he knew, as I knew. He could smell, too. I perceived it was not a very good idea to lie. But, I just wanted to share. So I tried my best to get away with what I had done. Now I am left with just a memory. Pretty blue eyes are still pretty to me even if they are angry. I know they exist even if it is just some sort of electrical charge in my gray matter, They are real. I perceive.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

What Occurs

Bending Over Backwards
Bobbie Casey 2017 All Rights Reserved

My really good friend Joyce Bishop is the hostess I talked about yesterday. We have such a wonderful time trying to solve the problems of our little historic town. She is one person among us who does so much even when she does not feel well. I am thankful for my pleasure. I can not forget her prayer for grace. I learned this as a little child: "God is Great, God is Good, Let us thank Him, for our food." How great was that?
My family loves to watch Blue Bloods. The best part for me is when they gather every single Sunday after the return from Mass. They all have problems like we all do. Almost every type of character is relate-able to each of us. The respect and honor they show one another is inspirational. I contemplate our world today. Kindness and the golden rule would be something to make a difference with practice.
Danger consumes our thoughts, if we let it. 
Joyce does Yoga almost every single day. I walk on my treadmill and listen to yet another TED talk or some such thing. I face the window to see nature even if it is snowy or raining. I watch the birds my honey always feeds. It is sharable the little things which I consider important.  
I am most thankful to have my eyesight.
I try to create something that did not exist before. I love math. I see the rules in every tree, in every flower, and in the stars in the middle of night. When I see the moon it is no longer a huge glaring light. It has form according to it's cycle around our little blue planet.
I think nature designed the perfect package when it came up with an egg. How amazing is that?
Origami was my ticket to understanding many interesting topics. Have you read any books by Sherry Turkle? She informs me with her words. I read her book "Alone Together," last year. She talks about living in our digital world. Robert Lang informs my origami mind. I read "Brain Pickings," on Sundays. It is way better than a newspaper. Just thought you might like to know. . .a few clues.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Egg 22                Bobbie Casey 2017 All Rights Reserved

Breakfast with friends at a sweet National Register House where I live is the best way to start a day being cold  and weary. My spirit is alive in this beautiful place where nature and the tenderness of loving people who call me Honey or Sweetheart fill my core of being to the brim with gratefulness and humility.
We spoke of how all steeples point up, in these complicated times.
I realeyes the wonder of staying put to deal with the consequences of whatever I say or might do is a blessing.
As a group, we can do anything.
Two friends walk early almost every morning with trash-bags in hand to bend over and over to rid our place of things people toss along the road.
DNA or fingerprints can tell us exactly who does this. Cigarette butts and beer bottles have evidence.
If everyone would care enough to take it upon themselves to make a positive difference,
we would not need our government to do anything for us.
I daydream of far away places and times then wake up to reality.
My basket is so full of many many eggs.
Today I am grateful there are no earthquakes or volcano eruptions, no floods, no snow, or icy roads here.
A good day to you.


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