"One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes." -The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Between I Do This. . .

" Between Living and Dreaming 
There Is A Third Thing.
Guess It. . ."

I do not know who said the above?

S watching on Saturday Morning

S watching

Things With Wings


Not A Pin

Not A Pin
In Process

For Sketchbook Project

Monday, October 24, 2011

Plowed Fields

Plowing Contest 2011
Do Not Let It Blow Away
On The Way To Santa Fe

Nothing like perfectly plowed fields

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunny Thoughts. . .

Yesterday I Saw The House Again!
Look on Tri-Amid-Al (the other blog) to see more. . .

Do you know that stitch Loop? Can you see what I am thinking?
Magnolia Art Yarn in the loop for a collar?
Hmm. . .Noro Taiyo?
Bought this yesterday, the Noro.

Sunday Morning out my bedroom window!

Friday, October 21, 2011

I Mus ta Stepped On a Crack

I am posting once again today to tell you a little funny story.You know how when you were a child walking along the sidewalk on the way to school and you would chant to remember to not step on a crack because you would break your mother's back? Well, this is what that is about. I must have stepped on a crack.
You know that first I got sick a while back and shortly thereafter my mother did as well? She had the cough for about a week and that was gone. I still have it. Day before yesterday I made yet another visit to the doctor for more antibiotics and a chest x-ray. Yesterday morning, I was sitting at the kitchen table with a piece of paper and a pencil making a rubbing of the texture of a saucer, the glass kind that is either pink, peach, or green, or even clear, so that I could take it to class to show the children what I mean when I say we are working on texture and they must do pencil rubbings for a page in their Sketchbook Project. I had intended for us to take a walk around to find things outside but it was very cold and windy and rainy, so plan B. OK, so I turned that piece of paper over and it was an 8.5 x 11" sheet, the insert that the pharmacy had put to warn of these terrible side affects to watch out for with this antibiotic. I was shocked while I read this. Every single thing that happened to my mother was listed on this warning. We had not even looked at this when she got hers. Let this be a lesson for all of us to not ever do that again. The Achilles tendon started it and then dizziness, then auditory hallucinations, then weakness, then peripheral nerve problems, and generally things which were to change our lives forever.
I took her to yet another doctor because an x-ray showed that she had a compression fracture in the mid part of her spine. She did this about a week ago because of the dizziness and weakness, she fell. He ordered an MRI which we had done right away, He made her day by telling her some very good news. They can do a procedure next week to fix this for her. She is very happy about this. I was joking with her yesterday that perhaps when I was walking I must have stepped on a crack.
It is very nice to be laughing about this, now. It is very nice that she has not lost her mind, it is back. Now, I am taking this same antibiotic and believe me if I start hearing a gospel choir singing I will stop the meds right away!
Once in a while there are moments of complete joy. That is what I am feeling this afternoon. I have been knitting Noro and not thinking about painting I am just enjoying looking at the Noro, soon the vest will be finished and I will show you.
I am making an amazing soup with lots of veggies and sweet potatoes and lime, my honey rented The Brides Maids for all three of us to see this evening. The sun is shining and for this moment all is very well.


Do you ever feel that you are a rat in a wheel just running in circles? Do you ever embrace that part of you that wants to be seen and/or appreciated? Do you ever ask yourself what is it about blogging that keeps us coming back for more? Are you a lurker? Do you engage in real, simple, pure, conversation with real people?
Do you put your work out into the world and then worry what will happen to it? I do and I have.
Last night I lay awake thinking about this. I decided that share means share, for me, it does. So, I took the do not copy warning off of my other blog. I would not abuse any other person on the internet by stealing from them.
But, I either care about this topic or I do not. I feel better if I just let it all go.
I think about how many books I have read in my life. A lot of books HAVE been read by me and I enjoyed most of them. But, the folly of it all comes front and center when I think that I am just passing through and then I die. You spend your life learning and then you die. Just a thought!

Have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo b.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Sometimes, we all want to escape  to some place else. I feel that way, right now. I read a blog almost everyday that lifts my spirits and inspires me in many aspects of my life. I always look at life a little differently after my daily dose of Cannelle-vanille. I promise that if you read this today it will inspire you, as well. It is a visual delight in France, where she is teaching photography of food.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Fence

A tiny bit of the new fence in Periwinkle Blue. I think of Lapis Lazuli, the silk road, Afghanistan, and grinding my pigment for egg tempera. I really did do that when I painted in egg tempera. Now it comes in tubes for gouache and oil and acrylic. Big cans of blue paint for a fence might have been more than Vermeer might dream to use so lavishly. Lapis was more valuable than gold leaf at one point in the history of painting.
While I steal an hour here and there to paint my blue I listen to "Stealing The Mystic Lamb" from Audible.com.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Check out Jorie Johnson

Jorie Johnson is on MAIWA blog. She is a mentor to me when it comes to the best in felting.

Hope everyone is enjoying a nice new Monday!


Getting Serious

I started a new blog just for paper sculpture and other original works. Click the link that says Triamidal on the side. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Love A Surprise!

You know, do you not, how wonderful it is to go to the post office and something unexpected pops-up? I expected a package from Magnolia Handspun. I ordered more yarn and waited a couple of days for the arrival. Yesterday,  my honey stopped by twice and the second time was a charm. It was there!
Along with that, which I will tell you about in just a little minute, was another box with words all over it from my best friend Sara. Sara and I have done mail art in the past which was really fun, I am sure, for Postal Workers. But this was not that.
She was just recycling from a box. But, inside were these very cool eyes. I read her blog day before yesterday about these cool "things" she is making for a change. I thought to myself that those were pretty nifty. But not as marvy as these that she sent to me. 

She makes me laugh all the time with how clever she is. I get eyeballs in the mail every now and then because of this blog. This makes me laugh, too.

The yarn from Magnolia Handspun is way too wonderful, I can hardly wait to get busy on the scribble or squiggle shawl I am ready to knit for someone special. There is enough in one of the balls for another Mag Bag. I love these bags because I can wear something that matches, color-wise, and people can not take their eyes off of them. I carry my toys in the bag to make waiting easier. Like sock knitting and my kindle. I think I have one of the very first Kindles by the way and I love it, especially now that I can carry knitting books on it, too. Anyways, Camilla, is so kind, she sent me a surprise, too. I skein of yarn with my favorite color, red. I keep trying to thank her and she keeps trying to thank me. How funny is that? The new shibori silk I just dyed will match that perfectly, now I need to do something to match the mag bag yarn. I love that! It is nice to have something to inspire the colors of dye I choose.

I am ready to join the shoulder seams on this vest, now. Then it is the picking up of stitches to do the borders. I am loving how the colors are working in this. I am ready to wear this, now. Patience Bobbie!

It is Saturday morning, now. I spent the dark hours just looking at the wonderful things that came yesterday and drinking my coffee. This past week was a tough one for me. So many people here trying to make arrangements for my mom's care. But, I think things will be better, soon. The sun is shining and it is a very beautiful day, today. I might be able to continue painting my periwinkle color on the new fence.
I hope each of you have a wonderful weekend!
I am so grateful for my friends!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shibori in the Kitchen

Silk Hand Dyed Shibori 

Small Linen Basket in the works with new Silk Shibori 

Silk Hand Dyed Shibori
"If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in your field of bliss, and they open doors to you.  I say, follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be."  

Joseph Campbell 

Bird check Reality check

“As you proceed through life, following your own path, birds will shit on you. Don't bother to brush it off.
Getting a comedic view of your situation gives you spiritual distance.
Having a sense of humor saves you.”
― Joseph Campbell

I told you that last weekend the new fence is high on my list of to-do's and that the color I chose is periwinkle blue. You ask why? Well, for one thing, it is only paint. I have had this color for years on my old fence. Years ago I saw a garden in a magazine that had different colors for different gardens. It was gorgeous. I thought and thought about what color would make me smile. The other day as I sat on the ground, paintbrush in hand, to see through the slats of blue a perfectly yellow tree against a blue blue sky and just a wisp of an occasional cloud. I stopped painting and just stared at the beauty. The stray cat that has chosen us was rubbing it's head against my leg and I said, "Look at that." The cat just looked into my eyes and said, "Yes."
The post in the corner I painted first. It is a tall post for a bird house. Well, yesterday while waiting for something, I took a tiny walk around the property. The foliage of fall can just take my breath away and it does. The color here is the best ever. Scarlet red, golden chartreuse, perfectly pumpkin orange, and all the shades between just dazzle my mind into oblivion. This gift is free and most treasured.

I snatched some beauty and some time, again. This is the reward I get. This is all I need.

I planned to take a photo of the spot on the tall post where a bird deposited a gift (yuk) onto the freshly painted fence but, it rained so hard I couldn't get outside, so you will have to just picture this in your mind.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Between Two Worlds

 A pointed  topic, the circus, brings wonder to mind. What is it about that? Why? Nostalgia for a bygone era it could be. I bring this up because as I knit I am listening to "Night Circus." It is still dark as night out right now. My life is a three ring circus, right now. Being a caretaker of my mom and trying to work in my studio conflict a lot, lately. I snatch time. Time Snatcher now that could be a name for a novel. When I can not do serious art work, by circumstance, I am knitting. I have written before how when I knit I think of painting and when I paint I think of knitting. Thank goodness for that. I am having home health care workers to come in to help with Mom. At least this way I can continue working with the children at school. Maybe it will free up more time for the studio work, as well. In the meantime, I snapped a few photo's this morning of my kitchen area, just for fun.

I am now on the last front piece of the folk vest using Noro Silk Garden.

I keep stashes of art supplies in these boxes in my kitchen to use when I can.

Yarn for projects I am working on surrounding a photograph for a page in the sketchbook which I am still working on at this time but have no time to post them, yet.
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Morning at My House

I have been thinking about photography
It is a lifetime activity
just to learn some.
I think of simplicity
and everything gets complicated.

How do you capture a lovely smell? Go to di Santa Maria Novella
in Firenze?

How do you capture time? Look at something old thinking of what it 
might have been to wear these hats and clothing while sitting still for so long?
Darn an old hole in an old old sock with old old darning thread?

How do you capture joy? Look at what surrounds you?
Go outside and paint your new fence periwinkle blue?
Look at the color of fall leaves falling in front of your eyes?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday I had an amazing day with the kids at school. We are starting on the Sketchbook Project. Pretty Cool!
Afterward, I made a trip to Blacksburg. Fall is in the air and the leaves are turning like crazy! It was a great pleasure to drive along and think about what I am doing.
Another vest is being worked on fast and furiously. Noro, again. I used the Folk Vest Book for the pattern, but, of course, I changed a lot of it to work with Noro. Silk Garden is always my favorite. I used a bit of the stripe effect I learned from Brooklyn Tweed when I first met him. This effect always gets rave reviews when I wear anything done in this manner.
I bought another Noro mini-book to try a few things in there for holiday gifts.
Another ball of Magnolia Art Yarn is in the works for the scribble shawl for a gift.
Now to my serious art work. I have been doing more 3-D sculptural works with the thread painting. One day I will show you how it all works out. I gave a preview the other day. No matter what I do it always eventually turns into something that pays homage to space. I think I like space.
I love what the City Of Blacksburg has done. The revamping of the main streets are amazing. I wish the rest of America was busy working on their infra-structure like Blacksburg is doing. When the economy picks-up
they will already be ready to go full blast.
I got a kick out of the bus sign where it tells where it is heading. PHD is what it said. No street or area.
Mish Mish is the serious art supply store I head for when I go to Blacksburg. They have tons of material for architectural models.
Anyway, I hope you all have a blessed weekend!
b  xoxoxo

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Off and Running Wet Hair and All

I am off to the Doctors office, again.
Mom, again.
But I quickly took a snap of this
pinky peachy squiggle shawl.
This one has kid Silk Haze
Magnolia Handspun art yarn
On this rainy day this shawl cheers me.
Smile though your heart is. . . . Charlie Chaplin?

Monday, October 3, 2011

What Is One To Do?

Hitting The Wall 2011

Lining Up 2011

From Whence I Came? 2011

Marching Threads In A Row Walking On The Road To Nowhere 2011

HE Is Always There 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Story This Will Tell

Tiny thread paintings square dancing 2011

Tiny thread paintings lining up 2011

Tiny thread paintings rest upon Magnolia Striped Pillow 2011

Tiny thread paintings deciding what they will be. . .2011

Leaning around tiny thread paintings on the journey 2011

Tiny thread paintings on Magnolia Yarn Pillow 2011


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