"One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes." -The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Contemplating Mode

Timesick is the name of this piece
porcelain/mixed medium

I ask myself just what is behind the ubiquitous manifestation
I perceive from looking at works on the Internet?
I know we all have a knowing. . ..
A knowing of something below the level of consciousness shared
between creative individuals by the work we do. . .
Why is it that we need to be doing things by hand?
Why is it we are revisiting techniques practiced by our mothers and grandmothers
and all of those whose work we see in books or museums?
I hear others say it is a reaction to technology. . .
but is it really?
What I am thinking about right now is how to make this relevant to our own time, for myself.
Recycled materials is a big deal, once again.
If that is so, why is it that in every town there is a place to buy
the system that someone else has put together so that we can do any craft or art without searching for
pigments or yarn or scrabooking or photography materials or ribbon or thread or or or
and magazines, too. Have you ever seen anything like it?
There are specialized magazines for anything you can think you might want to try.
The system is to make us want to buy. Yes, it is.
So again, why do you think we want to dye with natural materials and spin our own yarn?
Commerce is changing. Yes, it is.
The internet has changed this forever.
What motivates you?
What are we trying to say?
Please share your thoughts.
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Monday, April 25, 2011

I Am Pondering

In Reverie I Ponder
The Question. . .
I ask myself this every day. . .
OK What would Leonardo do???
Sometimes you have to just stop. . .
Stop what you are doing. . .
Sit out in the sun
Just think about nothing
Just let your mind wander
Slip into that silent space
between the words
There is the answer. . 
Leonardo would.
Do you really think for one moment that he would not use
a computer?
Do you think for one moment that he would not use
a sewing machine?
I wonder about the slow movement??
It seems that it is everywhere.
I see the sameness.
OK, now what would Leonardo do?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Greetings

Miss Stars In Her Eyes in her Easter Bonnet
Wishes you
and yours

hugs to you

Friday, April 22, 2011

Such a GOOOOOOD Friday

Today is the day to plant potatoes. That is what my great grandfather would say, if he were here. Today, I will be outside grooming flower gardens. I love to pull weeds.
When I was a child, if ever I were silly enough to tell my mom that I was bored, that would be what she would send me back outside to do. You would think I would hate pulling weeds because of that, but no, I truly enjoy the task. Detailing the edges of the beds with a shovel is another task I enjoy.
Soon it will be time to plant some seeds of giant Sunflowers. I have to keep the birds around. They entertain us all winter long, and I do mean LONG. Two years in a row we have had the worst time of it.
Real Eyes!
This is so clever!
Now I can wear these if I do not feel like floating in space!
Yesterday was the school easter egg hunt and parties. I have been very busy with the children lately. No time to blog.

I received the most wonderful gift from the Netherlands. My friend Patricia, of Potje Thee  is so creative and has a style that is so colorful and original. She makes the most delightful fiber items that always make me smile.
It came wrapped in lovely paper with words in Dutch
The cutest card with sweet sentiments
tiny blue dutch shoes
a ball filled with a lovely sachet
and a spring flower crochet.

Thank you so much Patricia for your thoughtfulness and kindness. I will treasure these gifts!
How cool is this!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Weekend!
Family, Food, Easter Parade, Bonnets, Eggs, Baskets,
Friends!!! I know I will.

Monday, April 18, 2011

All About Red

Whatever you do. . 

You may not have it!

Now, just what are you thinking?

This is the story of how red became my fav.

Do you know how many things are so hard to get?

Red is one of those things.

Guess what color of lipstick I wear. . .

Guess what color is my bathroom. . .

Guess what color my living room sofa and chairs are in. . .

I tried for a year to buy Cochineal: a red natural dye. . .

temporarily out of stock is what it was. . .

This is worth pondering if you are me. . .why can I not have this red???

When you work in porcelain

forget about red.

If you were a painter a very long time ago

guess what color faded a lot. . .

This color is readily available now.

I am so thankful for the color RED!
If you want to know more about the color red
read this book

I wear lots of red shoes.
I am dancing as fast as I can
too short
life is

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mt. Fuji Ballet and Krakatoa

I am working on manipulating images in embroidery at this time.
While I work I listen to books on my I-Pod
Krakatoa is what I am listening to at the moment.
You can find the book in my book box at the right side.
 My  interest in The Silk Road 
is linked to my interest in the impact of technology; how it changes the world, as we know it.
The trading that came about in spices and silk, such a long time ago,
impacted commerce and exploration, discovery and innovation,
which led to the world being as it is.
The internet is the great equalizer, now.
Images and ideas come to me in my work
as I ponder what I read.
Volcano images are personal iconic symbols,
they creep into my artwork.
As a child I wanted to know about this.
My imagination would be filled with what ifs.
What if that dormant volcano came to life?
Why did they stop being active. . .
Below is a 3D image of Mt. Fuji 
I found this image today and realized that here is another instance
of a connection with something that is in the air.
See we are connected.
If we were only big enough or small enough
we could prove that.
I contemplate moving around between the atoms in my minds eye.
What you do or do not do matters to me.

Image from Wikipedia

3D image of Mt. Fuji


Again, I show the paper sculpture box
 Mt Fuji Ballet

Another Mix Media sculptural box
I did this painting in gouache
then I scanned it into my computer to manipulate the image

Friday, April 15, 2011

I Try So Hard To Be Chipper

Here it is again, another Friday. Already. . .I need to jump upon the clock and hold the hands very tightly together at noon. Maybe that would slow the time a little! I read something like this once, I do not remember where, though.
I have had a book by Judith Baker Montano about Crazy Quilting for many years and now I have her video.
I used a coupon! Ha, that is a new thing for me, coupons, I mean. It is so wonderful to see because of the beauty in her spirit. She reminds me of Rose Notes (Carolyn). Two women who write books and two women who teach and they both love to garden. They both love photography. They both do such beautiful work and push it over the top every time. Now that is something! And Suzyqu's Threadworks she is another in that group who embroider beautiful lives.
Another friend of mine who stopped me cold in my tracks is Camilla Bloom (not her real name) She is closing her blog.
What is in the air?
I wonder???
I know that I have to accept certain things, yes, but I might not like it. But, that is OK, right?
I hate to feel sadness

Another friend is making a huge move. I hope she keeps in touch. She is a wonderful person. Her blog is colorful and sweet. I like her. Patricia, that is her name. She is a tea pot.

My friend Sara is getting better, still. She is another one to lift me up and make me be the best I can be by following her example.

Miss Neuroknitter is one who creates beauty almost every day. I love her work and her beautiful photography. You should know her!

I am name dropping today because I can. Because I do not want to wait to mention people who are wonderful and inspiring.
So, there you have it. My post for today. I sure hope you all have a super duper weekend. Do something beautiful!

PS If you look at the list of blogs at the right hand side you will find all of these people.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fish For March - Dye a little indigo

Indigo and White Fish
The base for my March Beaded Project
I am a bit behind in the beaded project but it is fun.
So, I did a drawing and then machine embroidery.
When this is complete you will not see a lot of this.
Hand embroidery and beads and. . .

I am into indigo
It is getting closer to Indigo Vats
dipping and hanging.
This is why I love warmer weather!

Have you seen the cover of Issue 4 2011 Anthropologie 's catalog?
The Araca Pencil Skirt?
It is indigo dyed with pleats and wrap around. . .I think.
Now THAT is a great reason to  dye some fabric with indigo!

I am anxious to do some nice work this Spring aren't you? 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Colorful Life ~ You Never Know

Just when you think you have a grip on life
circumstances make you drop the ball. . .
No home run this time.
This is the sixth week of the photo workshop
This is the reflection.

Remember I told you about my friend Sara
falling down the stairs and breaking her neck?
Well, she is much better and got the brace off of her neck.
She sent me a package with the sweet chicks inside.
I love these.
You know I have all kinds of easter toys.
I have chickens that lay eggs (bubble gum)
and ducks that walk their babies all in a row
and rabbits that hop
and a big egg that screams out,  "Is somebody out there. . .
Let me out, let me out."
and many more.

This past week I have been really feeling badly,
tmi is not what you want, so suffice it to say,
when you black out and do not know why, it is pretty scary.
I am better now, and I do not know why.
But, I am better and so this is my first post this week.
Things were a bit fuzzy.

The contrast between the two
is startling. Last weekend I was in Winston/Salem, N.C.
and was scared to death by a sign that suddenly came to life
while I was walking by it. My hubby had a great laugh while my
heart was thumping away. Never ever have I been scared by a sign before.

Chicks are a sign of Spring for me.
I would go to the local farm bureau to buy baby chicks and raise them.
I would keep them in a galvanized tub on top of my washing machine with a hot light to keep the babies warm.
I miss that! Spring inside my laundry room until the outdoor temps warmed.
This year we are still having snow and it is crazy!

Really crazy. . .
our government is shutting down and Libya is not looking good.
My son-in-law is in Afghanistan
Having said all of the above. . .
I am so very grateful for all of the blessings in my life.
My pear tree is in full bloom today.
The little league has started the new baseball season, nearby.
My uncle is on his way to visit with my mom
and we will have some good food and company today.
I sure hope you all are doing well!
Thank you to all of the peeps who stop by this blog.
You don't say much, but I know from the stats that you are there.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Like a Chicken With My Head Cut Off

Running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
I bought a little box of chicks made from pipe-cleaners a few years ago.
I gave some away and had one left. . .
I tried to find some more to buy and looked for them everywhere!
Couldn't find any!
So, I am trying to make some.
have not drawn and painted chick heads yet. . .
because I am so busy cooking. . .
it is the weekend you know. . .

Copper pan buttered and filled with cheeses and veggies

Feta and baby swiss and Parmesan Cheeses

A little Worcestershire and Louisiana Hot Sauce with cream
a bit of salt and pepper into the egg mixture

Poured over all of the ingredients

Pop into oven for about 1/2 hour or until egg is brown on top

Spring Veggie Fritatta
with Fresh Warm Sourdough Bread
And a nice fresh fruit salad

Now I can knit on my linen vest while it snows outside!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Paper Tiny Easter Baskets

 I saw some little baskets that I loved when I visited Earth Guild in Asheville, North Carolina a few years ago. I wanted to take their class for this but I could never arrange it so I could be there when there was this class offered.
So, I learned basket making from the book Fabulous Woven Jewelry. I basically taught myself using this book.
I realized that the techniques Mary Hettmansperger taught in this book work, of course, to make ordinary baskets. I originally was learning wire techniques for jewelry making.

In view of the fact that Easter is in a few weeks I am making some tiny baskets of paper

Use a Pasta Machine to cut 1/4" strips of water colored paper or a card stock print of marble paper.

I use a painting program to generate my own marbleized paper and I also make my own real marbleized paper.
These can be scanned into your computer and altered to suite whatever you want to do. I print on both sides of the paper so that it will be pretty on both sides. Or I can water color both sides of water color paper.

These strips of paper are the ingredients for a small basket. You can adjust the size of the strips that you might want to use. For a really tiny basket use 1/8" strips. You just weave in and out a rectangle flat, then bend up the
four sides and continue weaving, bend the left overs back onto itself. Then, just use a tapestry needle and
bind a strip to the outside to hide the folded ends using linen cord or other strong string or embroidery floss.

This is rather sketchy direction but I thought it could be a starting point for your further investigation.
You Tube has some basketry videos on basic basket weaving.

I make linen baskets that are spontaneous according to what I am thinking. So my hands just go where my mind tells them.

Have a happy weekend! Have some fun!


Reflecting today on my path.

A very crooked path taking me to many places I might not  have ventured if it were not for circumstances.
Life slams into you every now and then.
One thing I did not learn when I was a child is that life is that way;
one series of challenges after another, you deal with it or you don't but either way
that in itself is decision.
The circumstances of my life today I created.
I look back at times when there was a fork in the road.
I have a few regrets, but don't we all?
I try to live life now with full attention to those kind of details.
The burden of it all is when you realize. . .
 that what you choose. . .
not only affects you. . .
 but everyone you include into your life. . .
I want to choose wisely, now.
No regrets!


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